She Got Kicked Out Of McDonald’s. The Crime? You Won’t Even Believe It!

She Got Kicked Out Of McDonald’s. The Crime? You Won’t Even Believe It!

Ashley Rego

The people in one Wisconsin McDonald’s were in for a BIG surprise when they decided to eat at their favorite fast-food restaurant. Sitting down to eat, burger in hand, mouths dropped to the floor when one unexpected visitor entered through the doors.

Little did they know that their quick lunch trip would oddly enough turn into a trip to the zoo! 

beaver dam

This bizarre incident happened when Diana Moyer entered the McDonald’s in Beaver Dam, WI, toting along a baby kangaroo, Jimmy. To Moyer, this was a normal occurrence, as she claims that her and her family have been taking the adorable animal to that same McDonald’s for three months, without one complaint.


Well, this all changed last Friday when someone decided to call in to the local police department to complain about the animals attendance. When the officers arrived, they asked Moyer to leave.


Moyer quickly replied that the kangaroo was indeed a service animal approved by a doctor, but the cops didn’t budge. After a little digging into the matter, Moyer’s husband later admitted the kangaroo is not a service animal, but instead a therapy animal, which are not protected by disability laws.

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