Watch Grandma Do The Whip and Nae Nae Better Than You Can

Watch Grandma Do The Whip and Nae Nae Better Than You Can

Erika Carter

One of the sure-fire hits of this summer has been Silento’s Watch Me. The Georgia teen has mesmerized the world with his video that has been viewed over 120 million times. 

The song is undoubtedly a household favorite as everyone seems to be joining in on the fun Whip/Nae Nae dance. But what you are about to see is nothing like you’ve ever seen before.- but I promise, it’ll make your day. 

This grandmother is 86 years old and to her, age is nothing but a number. Being filmed by her grandson, she was captured in the middle of the kitchen busting a move when she hears the song. Granny breaks down the dances much better than I would.

Make no mistake, Granny’s moves are perfectly in tuned. When it was time for the stanky leg portion of the dance, the grandmother was right on cue. She even dances one bra strap off of her shoulder.

I could watch his Nana all day long. Who says life stops happening at a certain age. The next time someone makes the argument that you are too old to do something, show them this video. Get it Granny!

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