Watch This 88-Year-Old Grandma Try Out Virtual Reality For The First Time

Watch This 88-Year-Old Grandma Try Out Virtual Reality For The First Time

Angela Markus

If you are anything like me, then you had absolutely no idea what the Google Cardboard is until recently. After seeing this grandmother’s reaction to the cool gadget, you will probably immediately want to order your new Cardboard VR. While many might believe that technology has forgotten those in their golden ages, that is far from the truth. Just look at this 88-year-old- she is clearly having the time of her life.

After seeing this, you are going to wish you bought grandma some virtual reality glasses for Christmas. The Google Cardboard uses low-cost viewers, with the reference design made of foldable cardboard 45mm plastic lenses, and a magnet or capacitive-taped lever to operate the screen. You simply slip your phone into the front of the viewer and run an app designed to work with Cardboard. The viewer only needs to do two things—hold the phone in front of the lenses at the right distance, and provide a way to interact with the screen.

YouTuber Mark Nutt posted the funniest clip of his grandma Marie experiencing virtual reality for the first time on Christmas morning.

He wrote, “My grandmother, Marie, tries Google Cardboard VR for the first time. She is watching a roller coaster simulation. We filmed this on vacation in Hawaii (Laupahoehoe) on Christmas morning. She will be 89 in March.”

“Oh my goodness,” is her first reaction. After a couple of seconds, she clearly hits the first big drop, and there are no words – only squeals of excitement. Grandma is living in the future, and she absolutely loves it.


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