Watch These Adorable Grandmothers Try Shot of Fireball For The First Time

Watch These Adorable Grandmothers Try Shot of Fireball For The First Time

Angela Markus

Although Fireball whiskey might be marketed to a younger crowd, it doesn’t mean the young at heart can’t enjoy the cinnamony good stuff, too! Grandmothers are thought to be old and frail, but there was a time when they were once young and spry—and might have been able to drink you under the table.

Thanks this short clip, courtesy of Obsev, we get to see just how sprightly four adorable grannies are when they revert to some old habits by sampling shots of Fireball.

“I will admit, I probably have something to drink every day, ’cause I like a glass of wine,” revealed one grandmother. “But harder drinks, it’s usually in a party mood, going out to dinner. It’s part of my life, for sure.”

The woman sitting next to her, who says she prefers Malbec, used to get spirited for spirits, too. “I love parties,” she says, before offering up a flashback that might make her grandkids cringe. “Been to a lot of exciting parties. During the Olympics, I had the entire Spanish yachting team to a big party in the backyard. That was very fun. Spaniards, you know.”

When introduced to the drink, each pair of women examine the bottle. One woman pulls the reading glasses of her neck to read it, and seems excited about the cinnamon flavor.

One woman of each pair of the ladies pour only about half a shot, seeming nervous to try too much. Finally, it’s time to taste. You’ll love their reactions!

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