Grandmothers Define Slang Words And It’s Pure Comedy!

Grandmothers Define Slang Words And It’s Pure Comedy!

Jamaica Bravo

Having a conversation with your grandmother can be both a blessing and a struggle. Despite all the wisdom they may have acquired over the years, there are still those things our elders don’t quite get. I’m talking slang!

A group of grandmothers sit before the camera and are handed cards that read a slang term on one side and its definition on the other side. The ladies attempt to define what each word means without reading the back of the card.

The first card they’re handed reads “BAE.” Any teenager could tell you that BAE stands for “Before All Else,” but the comments these ladies respond with is pure comedy! One of the women even goes as far to say, “I need to include that in my sexting!” And that’s only the beginning!

These women read every slang word, from “turnt” to “ratchet,” and have a comment for every single one of them. Get ready for a really great laugh and be sure to hide your kids. These grandmothers aren’t afraid to hold anything back!

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