They Learn They’re Going To Be Grandparents In The Cutest Way Possible!

They Learn They’re Going To Be Grandparents In The Cutest Way Possible!

Kendall Conners

There’s nothing more exciting than finding out you’re going to become a grandparent. One couple decided to capture the moment they told the grandparents-to-be that they were expecting through the use of a hidden camera.

To share the news, the expectant couple created a unique wall mural with the “Baby Hall 4-27-14” in the center, surrounded by baby paraphernalia. Other things in the mural included a male and female onesie, a gift bag that says “Baby Love” on it, a pink bib, and a larger gift bag with a teddy bear on it. It’s clear they’re not quite sure what the sex of the child is just yet, but they get the point across anyway with the mixed collection of baby clothing and gift items.

The future grandmother sees the mural first. She enters the room where it’s displayed while she’s on the phone. Once she notices it, she takes a deep breath and calls out to her husband, asking “What is this?” while pointing to the mural.

Having obviously figured it out, the grandmother-to-be hurriedly leaves the room, calling out to her daughter, “Sarah, Are you pregnant?” She returns moments later, screaming and jumping up and down, exclaiming “We’re going to be grandparents!!” to her husband and explaining to him that “4-27-14” will be the baby’s birthday.

She leaves the room again, and the future grandfather waits a beat to take in the news and then jumps up and down himself, obviously very excited about the news, before bounding out the door to join the family.

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