This Grandpa’s Lasting Reminder To His Family Is So Simple, Yet So Beautiful

This Grandpa’s Lasting Reminder To His Family Is So Simple, Yet So Beautiful

Erika Carter

It’s hard to memorialize those who have moved on from this world. It’s even more difficult to do it in a way that’s unique. That’s what one grandparent did for his family. He didn’t leave them a million dollars or a house or even a handwritten letter. No, what he left them is possibly even sweeter.

It’s a pillow made out of his favorite shirt. Before you say to yourself, “That’s kind of weird,” consider what would be weirder, having this pillow or having someone walking around in a deceased loved one’s shirt? Exactly.

While it’s not the most conventional memorial we’ve ever seen, it certainly is sweet.



The message on the pillow reads:

“This is a shirt I used to wear. Whenever you hold it, know that I am there. Love, Grandad xx”

When all you need is a hug from someone you can’t hug, this would definitely be a close substitute. It’s hard to cope when the ones we love are gone, but when they leave something behind like this, it makes things just a little bit easier. No matter where you come from, we all remember in different ways. Even as the memories begin to fade and the stories get told less often, this pillow will always be around for his family to see and keep those memories fresh every day.

What’s the coolest way you’ve seen a family member memorialized? Or do you think this is just a little creepy? Either way, let us know in the comments!

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