Young Musician Rattles Excitement With His Rendition of “Great Balls of Fire”

Young Musician Rattles Excitement With His Rendition of “Great Balls of Fire”

Erika Carter

Some kids can sing well, some kids can play an instrument well, and some can do both. But not many can get an audience and coaches up on their feet dancing along to their tunes — and that’s precisely what one contestant did on “The Voice Kids” in Germany.

Tilman, a 14-year-old music prodigy, had barely played the opening notes and belted out the first line of Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire” before the audience started cheering and the coaches reacted favorably.

By the second line, the audience was on their feet, dancing along to the music. Coach Lena fanned herself in excitement as Tilman continued the song.

Soon, the coaches joined the audience and began dancing in rhythm to this fantastic song. Mark Forster was the first coach to show approval by hitting his button, and one second later, a dancing Lena did not hesitate to follow suit. Another few seconds later, Johannes Strate stood up and, in dancing fashion, gave his approval for the young contestant by using his foot to press his button.

Family members in the wings teemed with excitement at the success of Tilman, and were not immune to the dancing! As Tilman continued to wow the audience, Lena and Johannes turned the stage into their personal dance floor.

Tilman seemed to exhibit a flawless skill, mimicking Jerry Lee Lewis’ performance. The talent he possesses, including using his foot to play along on one note, is sure to carry him beyond the show. It’s not every day you see a 14-year-old get an entire audience rocking along with you!

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