He Went Out For A Surf When his GoPro Catches A Great White Shark Circling Around Him! Eek!

He Went Out For A Surf When his GoPro Catches A Great White Shark Circling Around Him! Eek!

Jamaica Bravo

When you think about what can be the scariest experience while in the ocean, the video answers that question. There are a lot of people who like to surf, but I do not think I know of anyone who would want to surf with a great white shark is circling underneath.

This surfer has to be one of the bravest surfers to ever encounter a shark. How he plays it cool in such a lethal situation will amaze you. Surfing is an incredible hobby but it can also be very dangerous. Some surfers have died or sustained life-threatening injuries because of shark attacks. Most of us have heard about the courageous Bethany Hamilton, who was the subject of the movie Soul Surfer. Bethany endured a vicious shark attack where she lost an arm. Many surfers like Bethany have endured similar or worst fates. The true beauty about Bethany is that her love for the sport endures.

The video starts out with the surfer lying on his surf board gliding on the gentle waters. His hands pushing him along the waters, one stroke at a time. The first few seconds does not indicate what is about to come. Initially, it seems like one of those GoPro footages of a surf session, no big deal, until we hear the surfer starts to breathe heavily. The intense breathing continues, then the camera is submerged into the water. Look closely, you can see a huge shark circling around the surfer. The size and distance away it is from the surfer poses a real and deadly threat.

The surfer’s breathing intensifies. It becomes louder hinting that fear is setting in. Yet, he stays calm. The camera submerges again. The shark is still circling, still terrifying.

How will this encounter end? Watch the video below if you dare.

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