Great White Sharks Can Fly!

Flying Shark

Great White Sharks Can Fly!

Erika Carter

Imagine that you’re out on the coast just enjoying a nice day with your family on a boat. Of course this brings around reminiscent smells of salt water and the feel of a refreshing ocean breeze. However, this time is a tad bit different. In this instance, you are surprised by a Great White shark jumping out of the ocean!

In this video a boat out on a dive tour with White Shark Africa, which specializes on diving in order to view the sharks in their natural habitat, got a surprise that none of its passengers were expecting.

As a few divers were already underneath the ocean in a tank waiting to see some sharks, all of the real action was taking place above the surface.

The boat was located near Seal Island in Mossel Bay, South Africa when the passengers witnessed a Great White shark fly out of the ocean. Now you may think that the initial reaction of these passengers would be to freak out, but instead they caught it all on camera. The shark had gripped onto their bait tank with its teeth and had no plans of letting go as it thrashed side to side vigorously trying to remove it and take it with him to go!

They thought that the sharks attack was strange, because there was actually no bait in their tank and there had been no bait released in the surrounding area.

This shark was not alone with his attack. Shortly after the shark had taken the bait into its jaws, another shark flew out of the water too. However, this shark was nowhere near as big as the first one.

Just when we thought we were safe on land sharks are learning to fly! SHARE the love and pass it on!