Learn How To Make These ADORABLE “Grill” Cupcakes!

Learn How To Make These ADORABLE “Grill” Cupcakes!

Erika Carter


Looking for the perfect dessert for your next outdoor barbecue? Look no further! These delectable and adorable “grill” cupcakes are sure to please kids and adults alike! These impressive little cupcakes look like they’d be more difficult to make than they are — but guests don’t need to know that, it’ll be our little secret. We were looking up cute Father’s Day gift ideas when we came across this cute recipe from SheKnows.

The first step in creating these “hot off the grill” cupcakes is to get your favorite go to cupcake recipe. Boxed cake mix works just fine! Bake your cupcakes according to the instructions.

Once your cupcakes are baked and cooled, spread a nice layer of frosting on them. Don’t have time to whip up frosting from scratch? Store bought is just fine! Chocolate works best to give the effect of “charcoal” under the grill. And who doesn’t love chocolate?


After the cupcakes are frosted, you’ll need to add some “flames”. An assortment of red, orange, and yellow sprinkles is perfect for this. If you’re able to find fall leaf sprinkles that’s even better.


Now it’s time to paint on the “grates” of the grill. Use black icing gel to paint straight lines across the cupcake. Alternatively, black licorice can be used. Try to keep your lines as straight as possible!


Lastly, we need some stuff to throw on the grill. Hot Tamales candies make the perfect little miniature hot dogs. Simply take some of your black, icing gel to draw grill marks on them.



How about some kebabs? To make these, cut up a gummy worm into small pieces and skewer onto a toothpick. If that’s not the most adorable thing ever, then I don’t know what is!



It’s not a cookout without the hamburgers. To make these, form red or pink fondant into tiny patties and again, use black, icing gel to draw grill marks. A sprig of mint leaf for your “lettuce” and viola!



And there you have it — adorable “hot off the grill” cupcakes ready for any summer occasion!



These look almost too cute to eat … almost! This recipe is perfect for summer time and Father’s Day! To get more information and the full recipe, visit SheKnows here.

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