This Emotional Groom Will Melt Your Heart

This Emotional Groom Will Melt Your Heart

Angela Markus

At weddings, brides are the ones who are typically very emotional. But the guests at this wedding saw something different. When Will Caesar saw his bride walking down the aisle, he reacted in a way that will make your heart melt. Tears flowed the moment he laid eyes on her. Watch as Caesar bursts into tears and sobs uncontrollably as his bride walks to toward him. You will need tissues to get through this one.

The emotional groom is a youth pastor at New Covenant Assembly of God in Pascagoula. The wedding was held at the same church Caesar met the love of his life, Lindsey Whitehead.

In an interview with Fox News, Reverend Eddie White spoke about the overwhelming feelings displayed by the groom. He said that it was more than just the sight of his glowing bride. The Rev said, “Whitehead’s parents had objected to the couple’s marriage. So, when her mom showed up unexpectedly on the wedding day and walked her daughter down the aisle, it was an overwhelming moment for the couple.”

The woman capturing the moment was so transfixed she just had to post it to social media and encourage people to send it to the Ellen show. According to Fox News, the happy couple is honeymooned in Florida. Also, the new bride has plans to move from Alabama to Pascagoula to help her husband with his youth ministry, and we hear she has a beautiful singing voice.

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