Time Lapse Of Growing Pups Is BEYOND Adorable!

Puppy Time Lapse

Time Lapse Of Growing Pups Is BEYOND Adorable!

Bethany Burrows

If you’ve ever had a puppy then you know that they love food! Whether it’s in their bowl, off your plate or even off the floor, growing pups will eat just about anything!

When the two golden retrievers, Colby and Bleu were adopted, their owner was incredibly amused by how excited they got when it was dinner time. He decided to see if they would grow out of it … they never do!

As soon as Colby and Bleu would hear the sound of food hitting their bowls they would come barreling towards the kitchen with lightening fast puppy speed!

Sometimes they would miss their turn into the kitchen and go sliding on their furry paws. As they got older they got a little better at making that turn and getting to their food even faster!

They never stop getting excited for food, they just get better at running around corners! SHARE the love and pass it on!