This Grumpy Dog Is NOT a Morning Person. When He Gets Woken Up… LOL!

This Grumpy Dog Is NOT a Morning Person. When He Gets Woken Up… LOL!

Angela Markus

As it turns out, people aren’t the only ones who just want to hit the snooze button to get a few more minutes of sleep. Dogs don’t like to get up in the morning either.

This unhappy dog is sleeping very happily in the bed with the couple, and it is clearly time to wake up. He makes growling noises. But they aren’t just growling noises. He seems to be saying, “leave me alone. Let me sleep”. The noises are so funny that the man just breaks into laughter. He can’t control himself when listening to this growling of an unhappy pup who just wants to sleep longer.

The dog gets upset and turns away. He snuggles down in the middle of the bed a little further, just looking for that extra few minutes of sleep.

But that is so not going to happen. It’s time to get up. People are laughing, people are talking, and the lights are on. Can you imagine the nerve of these people just not leaving me alone to sleep a little longer.

I guess everyone’s day is filled with so much work that they just need those few more minutes of sleep. This little guy’s days are busy, full of fun and excitement. He has to go for a walk. He has to eat anytime he wants to. He has to go for another walk.

And, anytime his human friends want to, he has to turn on the “cute switch” and catch a ball, run, play, turn over, and a variety of other things only dogs would have to do. You don’t catch humans expending that much energy in the day.

So it is no wonder he makes these dreadful noises in the morning. If you had to work as hard everyday as he did you would make noises too. Remember, grumpy people, grumpy kids, grumpy dogs, grumpy cats and everything else — all are special and need our love and understanding too.

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