A Mysterious Guardian Angel Helped Rescue This Woman From a Tragic Car Accident

A Mysterious Guardian Angel Helped Rescue This Woman From a Tragic Car Accident

Erika Carter

We hear about it every day. When people are sick or we’ve lost a loved one. We are told, ‘There is power in prayer.’

This video shows that in this instance, that saying is true.

Beautiful 19-year-old Katie Lentz, a young woman from Missouri was the victim of a horrible accident. She was trapped in her mangled car after being hit by a drunk driver.

Despite the efforts of the first responders they were unable to free her from the vehicle. After an hour they were still unable to free Katie and were running out of options. The tools weren’t working and at that time the deputy sheriff in despair told the sheriff, “Raymond, I promised her and her mother that we’re’ going to get her out.

Meanwhile, as she was waiting to be rescued, Katie had one request — to pray with the rescuers out loud. Suddenly as if heard by Katie, a man appeared. Dressed in a black shirt, like a priest shirt with a while collar. The rescuers also noticed something else, he was carrying a small bottle that appeared to be a bottle of anointment oil.

The stranger asked the rescuers if he could anoint the girl in the car. At first they thought maybe it would send the wrong message to Katie that they had called the priest.

But rescuers decide to allow the man to pray. A sense of calmness came over Katie. Rescuers plainly heard someone tell them that they should remain calm, their tools would not work and they would be able to get her out of the vehicle.

Moments later a neighboring fire department arrived with a set of stronger tools that were finally able to cut through the frame. Once it was all done, everyone turned to thank the priest but he was gone. In all of the photos taken at the scene, the man is absent. Like he was never there.

To this day no one knows where the man came from or who he is. But they will always remember, “The Missouri Miracle”

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