These Scolded Pups Are Too Funny!

These Scolded Pups Are Too Funny!

Jamaica Bravo

This video of naughty dogs will crack you up. They were left home alone and when their owners returned, they discovered a mess. What dog owner hasn’t been in exactly this situation at some point in their pet parenting career?

If you’ve got a pup of your own, you’re practically guaranteed to relate to some of these moments. You’ll get to watch the full gambit of guilty reactions from these mischievous home aloners.

It’s amazing to see how many of the dogs seem to remember exactly what they did and why their humans are upset. At least a third of them hang their heads in shame as soon as the evidence is brought out.

It doesn’t even seem to matter much what tone of voice their owners are using. Several of the human moms and dads use the same gentle, sweet tone of voice they would use whenever they spoke to their pets, but somehow these pooches act like they know exactly what mom and dad saying!

The one exception is the black and white border collie that is convinced that despite his behavior, he should get a belly rub. Then again, maybe he’s just really cheeky and knows from experience that momma’s not going to stay pretend-angry for long. Either way, his audacity is pretty amusing.

I think my favorite is the pup who chewed up his daddy’s slipper. That is one pup who knows exactly what he did! He reminds me so much of a child who couldn’t contain their enthusiasm over a new sports toy, played in the house, broke something, and then felt so terrible about it! I bet that dog even tried to hide the evidence too!

Aren’t our furry children exactly like human children sometimes?! They can be so impossibly exhausting and time consuming, but boy, do we love them — even when they’ve made a giant mess that we now have to clean up.

These dogs are so cute!

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