After Having Half Of Her Brain Removed This Little Girl Has One AMAZING Story To Tell

Half A Brain

After Having Half Of Her Brain Removed This Little Girl Has One AMAZING Story To Tell

Erika Carter

Amazing is the only word to describe the story of Cameron Mott. Although she was an average toddler until the age of three, something happened that would shatter her life and the life of those around her.

When she was three, Cameron began to have seizures and they increased until she was having up to 10 per day. According to her mother, Cameron would begin to have seizures within an hour of waking and they would continue throughout the day. Cameron had no quality of life because of the terrible seizures.

By the age of six, Cameron had tried multiple medications and still had no answers. In addition to the seizures, Cameron’s parents noticed that her cognitive functions were declining and there were times she could barely talk. The seizures became so violent that Cameron had to wear a helmet at all times to keep from hurting herself.

Cameron was finally diagnosed with a rare condition called Rasmussen’s Syndrome which is an auto-immune condition that causes deterioration in one side of the brain. Neurologists at John Hopkins University felt that Cameron was a wonderful candidate for a daring surgery. The surgery would remove half of her brain. The doctor explained that the surgery is best done in children because of the ability of the other half of the brain to take over the functions of the diseased half.

After the surgery, Cameron was left with only the right side of her brain which meant she was completely paralyzed on the left side of her body. The real challenge was just beginning because following surgery, Cameron needed immediate therapy. Almost magically, the therapy began working and Cameron’s brain began compensating for the missing half. Cameron WALKED out of the rehabilitation center four weeks later.

Cameron can now walk, run, and play. She is doing well in school, and most importantly she hasn’t had a seizure in two years. Cameron’s dad says that he fully believes in miracles, and that Cameron is a walking example that they can happen. Cameron has big dreams – she wants to be a ballerina. She says she wants to twirl and dance.

When interviewed on NBC’s Today Show by Ann Curry, Cameron said that she didn’t remember the seizures or the surgery itself. Cameron’s mother went on to say that they felt they had made the only choice they could for their daughter. They were willing to deal with the risks in the hopes of helping Cameron because her quality of life was so poor. Luckily, everything went better than they could have imagined and they’ve given Cameron a new chance at life.

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