Teen Posts Photos With Makeup On One Half Of Her Face

Teen Posts Photos With Makeup On One Half Of Her Face

Kaleena Madruga

Internet and social media allow many people to share their life experiences.

Sometimes to get a laugh, share some life changing information, or even inspire people.

One teenager thought that by posting pictures of her face in partial makeup, it would “empower women.”

Instead, she was met with an unbelievable barrage of negative and threatening comments.

Maise Beech is a 19-year-old from Flemington Wales, and she has an extraordinary talent for applying cosmetics.

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Her love for the art inspired her to post photos of her face with flawless makeup on one half, and the other half showcasing her natural beauty. Upon posting the pictures, she quickly realized not everyone would appreciate, or even capture what she was trying to relay. She was bombarded by harsh commenters describing her as “ugly, scary and disgusting,”

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The teen reasoned, “Personally, I love putting makeup on, it’s what I do for fun. I wanted to show that I like make-up, and I wear it for myself, but I’ll also happily get on the train brow-less if I want to. It’s sad that this is how society is now. Make-up can and is a part of fashion and girls like to experiment and be creative, we don’t wear makeup to hide our faces or deceive people.”

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A website uploaded Maisie’s photo writing: “This is why I have commitment issues.” Another site with a predominately male audience wrote: “When you first start hanging out vs. when she gets comfortable.”

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The strong teen is not allowing the unfavorable, violent, and hurtful comments to influence her love for cosmetics. In fact, she may just consider doing it professionally.

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What do you think of Maise’s photos and the comments that followed?

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