DIY Burger Cupcakes Are Almost Too Cute To Eat!

Hamburger Cupcakes

DIY Burger Cupcakes Are Almost Too Cute To Eat!

Bethany Burrows

Summer is officially here and you know what the means … barbecues!

When deciding what to make for dessert look no further, because these adorable treats are guaranteed to be a winner!

What an amazingly and adorable take on the classic American burger and fries! This delightful and creative recipe is a lot easier than it looks and it’s sure to be a party-pleaser.

This is all you need to make this fun and surprising treat:

– Prepared brownies in a 9” x 13” inch pan

– Prepared Golden Cupcakes, regular and mini sized

– Vanilla Pound Cake

– Laffy Taffy or Airheads (your choice!) in red, orange, and green

– Tubes of icing (or make your own with food coloring) in yellow, red, and green

– Sesame Seeds (for the buns, of course!)

– Toothpicks

Regular and mini cupcakes become “buns” while the brownies become “patties” with the help of cookie cutters. Icing is used to secure the patties to the bottom bun and then it’s time for the really fun part; the condiments and toppings!

Microwaved Airheads or Laffy Taffy make for some amazing and delicious “lettuce”, “tomatoes”, and “cheese.” These can be super simple or awesomely detailed and these two do a great job!

Time to get creative with the icing! Using the yellow, red, and green icing, they pipe on some “ketchup”, “mustard”, and “relish” with #5 Wilson tips on top of the brownie patties.

The lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese are assembled on top of the “condiments” and finished off with the top of the cupcake “bun”. Toothpicks secure everything in place and they make sure to sprinkle some sesame seeds to make it look even more authentic!

The French Fries are just as easy and just as cute. A prepared vanilla pound cake is cut up into “french fry” shapes and baked in the oven until slightly browned. Extra red icing become “ketchup” for dipping.

This delicious treat will keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, but one taste and there likely won’t be any leftovers! A wonderful recipe for all those upcoming summer barbecues with family and friends.

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