These Swimmers Come Face To Face With A Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Shark

These Swimmers Come Face To Face With A Hammerhead Shark

Bethany Burrows

Shark attacks are extremely rare. The chances of your beach vacation turning into a gory scene from Jaws is seriously unlikely. This is primarily because sharks, especially large sharks, do not like to swim close to shore. They tend to hunt in much deeper water. So, statistics say that you should be able to swim to your heart’s content. Statistics say you are definitely safe. Right?

Well, that was not exactly true for one particularly unlucky vacationing couple who came face to face with a fully grown hammerhead shark.

The hapless couple was wading through the ocean not far from the shore and was barely chest deep in the water. It was a nice day, the water a clear, calm blue. It was the perfect setting. Expect for the ominous, black shape moving toward them.

The couple swimming didn’t see the shark but some onlookers above the beach did. They immediately recognized the looming figure as a shark. The onlookers began yelling at the couple, desperately urging them to get out of the water. However, the couple was still lost in their blissful vacation. They could not hear those attempting to warn them.

The hammerhead was chasing a stingray it had spotted close to shore. This stingray had positioned itself quite close to the couple, meaning they were a little too close for comfort. The shark lunged at the stingray which darted quickly away. The shark continued to pursue the ray, and the couple finally took notice.

The disturbance in the water had caught their attention. At last, they noticed the shark. It was only yards away, and the couple clearly panicked. They jumped nearly out of their skins and began running desperately toward shore. Luckily, the shark was too focused on the ray to take any notice of them.

The couple escaped with their lives, and one heck of an amazing story to tell. Their experience was truly one of the most unlikely and utterly dramatic things to happen at this beach in a long time. What would you do if this happened to you? SHARE the love and pass it on!