Behold, The Happiest Baby Orca in The World!

Behold, The Happiest Baby Orca in The World!

Angela Markus

Usually when we see a baby orca, it is usually at Sea World, or some other attractive housing these beloved sea creatures live.

However, this baby orca should be the poster child for why some would argue these seas creatures should be in nature swimming wild and free.

Baby girl J50, named by the Pacific Whale Watch Association is a six-month young calf. On one ordinary day, she was out and about having more fun than you could ever imagine.

As she travels with her family in the Salish Sea near British Columbia, this baby girl has so much energy she just can’t contain herself. In true baby-like fashion, she is going in and out of the water in the happiest of forms.


Photographer Clint Rivers is responsible for the incredible shots which catches J50 doing belly-flops and curls. The photographer told Global News it was similar to his small kids. The wildlife photographer also labelled that the baby calf energy is astounding.



Although it is not known how a baby orca breaches the way that J50 does, her playful and affectionate antics are amazing to look at. Still shots like these, emphasize the fact that these beautiful creatures should not be subjected to captivity.



Thanks to photographer Rivers and Mashable, now we can enjoy J50 and all of her fun-loving energy! She’s adorable!

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