Heavenly Joy Sings ‘This Little Light of Mine’ to Kathie Lee Gifford on The Today Show

Heavenly Joy Sings ‘This Little Light of Mine’ to Kathie Lee Gifford on The Today Show

Genevieve Lopez

Kathie Lee Gifford’s husband, Frank Gifford, peacefully passed away on August 9th, in Connecticut at the age of 84. While the family is staying strong amongst the thousands of blessings they’ve received from The Today Show and various other supporters, it wasn’t until Kathie  came face to face with a little performer that she lost it.

It was Kathie’s first day back after a taking a week off from privately mourning her late husband, when she reviewed a video left behind by five-year-old Heavenly Joy. Heavenly Joy is the daughter of Grammy-award-winning producer Rodney Jerkins, who produced songs for Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Will Smith, and many more. She, too, possesses so much talent, including touching the lives of those who need it the most.

A week prior, she visited the Today show while Kathie was out and heard of her sad news. She then created a video message to Kathie singing “This Little Light Of Mine.”

When you hear the innocence in Heavenly Joy’s voice, you’ll know why Kathie was overwhelmed in tears. “I kept it together for a week!” she exclaimed after watching the video. As if that wasn’t cute enough, Heavenly Joy walked on stage, sat upon Hoda’s lap and sang another song called “Jesus.”

Later in the show, Heavenly Joy gave Kathie another surprise as she and Hoda helped her celebrate her 62nd birthday with a lovely cake.

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“You already discovered your stone,” Kathie said to Heavenly. “You know right where God wanted you to throw it, didn’t you?”

A shining light was revealed through this beautiful exchange and we were able to cherish it with the two of them. What a blessed moment.

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