Share This Hilarious Adele Parody With Your Mom!

Share This Hilarious Adele Parody With Your Mom!

Kaleena Madruga

It’s got all the emotion of the original and might even cause you to do a double take of the woman singing longingly, “Hello…” Keep watching and you’ll see that it is not Adele- but a mom that all mothers can relate to.

Most of us have been loving Adele’s new hit song which has been shattering records. While most of us are content with pressing the repeat button at will, there are others who can’t help but want to make us laugh with parody versions of our favorite songs. While the singer in this rendition is sorry, the only thing she is really sorry for is eating too many Cheetos.

By the time this “Hello” version is over, the plaintive pleas of Adele will have been replaced by the laughter of moms around the world who never quite figured out algebra themselves, much less how to get their kids to do their homework. Welcome to “Hello From The Mother Side.”

Singer-songwriter and mother Emily Mills from Waco, Texas, has used the famous struggles of motherhood as a sounding board for her slightly jaded version of Adele’s comeback hit “Hello.” Now 27-years-old, Adele is the mother of a little boy and can probably relate to the parody herself. “The Mother Side”, of course, is quite different from Adele’s “Other Side”. It’s up close and personal detailing the woes of the most important job in the world.

The only thing that is tearing the woman apart in the parody is the fact that she’s out of Pinot Noir and toys are over the floor.

She shares a message to her teenage daughter: “Hello from the mother side. I must have tried a thousand times to tell her this homework is really breaking my heart. But when I try it really doesn’t tear her apart anymore.”

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