These Brave Heroic Acts Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

These Brave Heroic Acts Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Erika Carter

In a time where mayhem, corruption and violence populate the news every single day, it’s easy to slip into pessimism and cynicism where our fellow man or woman are concerned. This video reminds us that even though we’re constantly exposed to the worst of humanity, we as a people are capable of far more good.

First up, a man is seen prostrating himself across a frozen lake and reaching for something we can’t see. He inches further onto the lake and moments later, he is inching back toward his friends that are waiting for him on the shore of the solid lake. He is carefully dragging a little girl back to the shore with him.

Next, we see grainy footage of two wide-eyed men with their arms reaching toward the sky. They frantically position themselves beneath something that is falling. That something turns out to be a baby that the men catch.

Later, one soccer player leaps to steal the ball from an opponent, only to knock him out cold. The fallen player’s teammates rush to his side. The player that hit him runs back to his side to ensure that he is taken care of. The player is taken off of the field by a team of medics.

This video is full of examples of the goodness that we are capable of when we take the time to stop and care about the people around us. From a man saving a drowning dog from a frozen lake, a man breaking into a burning apartment to save his neighbors, to a fireman saving a man that was about to jump from an apartment window. We can all afford to take a moment to do something kind for our fellow man. After all, we’re all in this together.

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