Two Hikers Find Abandoned Kittens In The Woods

Two Hikers Find Abandoned Kittens In The Woods

Erika Carter

On a Sunday afternoon a young couple went for a stroll through the woods. While walking, they were greeted by a little more than they bargained for. Lurking in the trees were four little faces, watching them. As the couple walked closer they discovered that the little faces were kittens!

The kittens let out small cries but actually came towards the couple fearlessly. They were not standoffish as some felines usually are. They were welcoming and trusting. The couple suspected that the kittens had been lost in the woods for some time.

The conditions of their fur as well as their small frames gave it away — these little fur babies needed help. This couple couldn’t just leave them in the woods. They took all four kittens back to their home.

On the car ride, their little bodies were so tired they slept as soon as possible. Once the couple had them inside, they gave them water and food, and gave them all a much needed bath. Once these kittens had a little food in their systems and were cleaned up, they were ready to play! They started bouncing around and acting playful like any normal kitten that didn’t just get rescued from the woods.

These adorable little rescues have since been adopted and are happy and healthy! None of which would be possible if it weren’t for that brave couple! Who knows what would have happened to those frail kittens all alone in the woods!

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