Hilarious WestJet Steward Leaves Entire Plane Cracking Up!

Westjet Steward

Hilarious WestJet Steward Leaves Entire Plane Cracking Up!

Ashley Rego

It’s not everyday you get to enjoy a free comedic performance when you board an airplane.

Usually you wait for your seating zone to be called, patiently (or impatiently in my case). Then, you wait to make it to your seat, stare out the window into the distance as the flight attendants drone on about the safety precautions you’ve heard time and time again, and close your eyes, eagerly waiting for the plane to reach it’s final destination.  

But not the passengers of this lucky WestJet flight. Little did these guests know that they were in for quite the show, thanks to one hilarious steward!

As passengers settled into their seats and those tedious safety announcements began, flight attendant Michael McAdam had a few tricks up his sleeve to give his guests a little unexpected entertainment.

By the end of the safety demonstration the entire plane was in stitches, including the other flight attendants!

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