Irish Step Team Puts A Fun Spin On The Traditional Dance

Irish Step Team Puts A Fun Spin On The Traditional Dance

Angela Markus

Whether it is America’s Got Talent or Britain’s Got Talent, rarely does judge Simon Cowell flash a smile. However, a Belfast dance troupe seemed to wow the judge on Britain’s Got Talent by performing a traditional Irish dance routine to hip hop and party music.

Innova, the 15-strong girl troupe, looked like another Irish dance act as they began their performance to Irish folk music. If you were expecting a traditional dance routine, think again. The group amazed everyone by switching up the music to the Electro-Dance sound of LMFAO’s Party Rock. The shock on the faces of the judges was clearly visible as Alesha Dixon exclaims, “No?!” in disbelief. The audience soon bursts into spontaneous laughter followed by wild cheers and applause.

The girls had more tricks up their sleeves while continuing their brilliantly choreographed act with each one in perfect time. The electro-dance was replaced by hip hop as the track changed again with the dancing seamlessly staying in rhythm. Cowell, clearly impressed, had a huge smile as the music changed to different genres, allowing the girls to show their skill.

In the end, the girls received a standing ovation and sailed through to the next round of the competition with a resounding ‘Four Yes’s’. Comedian David Walliams added, “I can’t wait to see what you do next.”

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