This Hip-Hop Group Totally Crushed Its Performance Of ‘The Nutcracker’

This Hip-Hop Group Totally Crushed Its Performance Of ‘The Nutcracker’

Jamaica Bravo

The Nutcracker is probably the most famous ballet of all time. Thousands upon thousands of people go to see the performance every year throughout the holiday season. Despite it’s popularity, many dance enthusiasts have argued that the ballet itself is really not the best of its kind and that there are far better ballets out there, with more advanced and intricate choreography, and more engaging story lines.

People argue that The Nutcracker is really only so famous because of its holiday theme and think it should stop being played at every theatre during the holidays, so that other Christmas shows can take the stage. Of course, there will always be those who love the ballet for its nostalgia and don’t want it to disappear entirely, and certainly no one is arguing that the music itself is bad.

In light of this, the world-famous California Philharmonic Orchestra has come up with some new, more modern choreography for the beautiful music. Ballet lovers might now like the new version much more than the original, but other dance enthusiasts are ecstatic over the reimagined Nutcracker.

Watch as three dancers perform to the California Philharmonic Orchestra’s rendition of The Nutcracker. They have reimagined the play as a hip hop masterpiece and we cannot get enough of their inventive choreography. We’re pretty sure this is going to start a whole new trend and that next year, there will be dozens of re-imaginings of The Nutcracker for all those critics to critique.

Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer and Friends, the dance team who choreographed this trendy hip hop version, absolutely kills it on stage! Bravo, we love it!

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