Hockey Player Scores Goal And Wins A Puppy For Two Happy Fans

Hockey Player Scores Goal And Wins A Puppy For Two Happy Fans

Angela Markus

For some little kids, athletes are like superheroes. Bobby Ryan of the Ottawa Senators made two young fans dream come true by scoring against the New York Rangers which, according to a bet with dad, would win them a puppy.

His goal made the day for the boy who came to the game with a sign saying, “Bobby, Dad said if you score we get a puppy.” Ryan saw the sign during the warm up and joked that he felt the “puppy pressure.”

The Cherry Hill, New Jersey forward admitted to feeling tasked with such a huge responsibility, but the player did not buckle under pressure. He delivered for both his team and his little fans. The goal was scored with 19.9 seconds remaining in the second period of a 3-0 win over the Rangers at Canadian Tire Center.

Those in attendance seated close to the family tweeted about dad’s reaction to losing the bet. One man tweeted, “The kids who now get a puppy because Bobby Ryan scored are sitting two rows in front of me, and their dad does not look impressed #NYRvsOTT.”

What did dad expect? Another tweet confirmed the dog will be named Bobby, of course!

Congrats kids!

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