What This Beagle Does When He’s Home Alone Will Crack You Up!

What This Beagle Does When He’s Home Alone Will Crack You Up!

Jamaica Bravo

Most dogs are “chow hounds” and always seem hungry. They will do anything to get food, especially to get some yummy human food! Maybe you think you have your pretty pooch well trained enough to leave it alone when you are around, especially around the visitors. But, when you leave the house, it’s the dog’s turn to play!

Have you ever wondered what your puppies do when you are away? Have you ever come home to empty wrappers, chewed up food, furniture moved around, or a major mess in the house? Try setting up a video camera just to watch their playful antics — because what you discover may surprise you. That’s exactly what Lucy the beagle’s owners decided to do. They wanted to see exactly what Lucy would do while they were away from home — and boy, were they in for one big surprise!

What the hidden camera captured is hilarious! First, the pretty little beagle jumped up on the dining room table and the island. When she didn’t find that delicious scent she was following, she continued her search. Following her nose, Lucy finally found exactly what she was looking for! Little hungry Lucy’s challenge, which she chose to accept, was to retrieve chicken nuggets from a hot oven. Her sweet little mind was churning as she tried to get the nuggets.

Jumping onto the counter and table is one thing, but finding the perfect plan to open up the oven is quite another story. She tried several different ways and her entire thought process is evident in the cute video. Several trials and errors later, she came up with the perfect plan! Enjoy the show.

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