Men In The Homeless Community Share Their Dreams

Men In The Homeless Community Share Their Dreams

Angela Markus

One may assume that the homeless have lost their will and drive. However, it doesn’t take all the riches in the world to dare to dream. In this compelling short from A Plus, homeless men from the Bowery Mission in New York City share some tear jerking insights of their dreams.

The Bowery Mission, a rescue mission and shelter since 1879, serves “the men, women, and children caught in the cycles of poverty, hopelessness and dependencies of many kinds.” The mission received a donation of numerous mattresses, and A Plus teamed up with the company to shed some light on those exceptional people. Some of the men from the mission share their dreams, and although they all have different responses, there is one common thread. They all have hope.

“Being changed before I leave here,” one man said, describing his dream. “Being stronger and just having my kids in my life again.” Another man shared some words of wisdom. “You never, ever look down on another human being—whether it’s a man, woman or child—unless you’re trying to lift them up,” he said.

Perhaps all their words can be summed up in one strong, hopeful statement from one man, “I’m still dreaming.” Aren’t we all? The emotional clip offers those who are not homeless a chance to see life through the lens of a person in such a predicament. There are many reasons why people end up homeless.

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