When This Homeless Man Graciously Accepted A Lottery Ticket, He Never Saw What Was Coming Next!

When This Homeless Man Graciously Accepted A Lottery Ticket, He Never Saw What Was Coming Next!

Ashley Rego

Self-proclaimed “magician prankster,” Rahat Hossain, is a recognized YouTube personality well known for his comical mischievous pranks.

This time around, Rahat decided to go a bit of a different route with his shenanigans. After noticing a homeless man hanging around a nearby shop, Rahat questioned locals about his presence in the area. Each and every person confirmed that he was a very nice, respectable man, just a little down on his luck.

Wanting to use his pranking abilities in a little twisted act of kindness, Rahat decided to trick the homeless man into accepting a “winning” lottery ticket. Little does the man know, the lottery ticket is not actually a winner, rather a set-up concocted by Rahat and the store clerk.

Rahat walks over to the man perched on a stoop and apologizes for not having any money to offer. Instead, Rahat suggests the man accept his lottery ticket that he’s confident is a winner but not sure exactly how much. When the man humbly accepts with an, “are you sure?” they agree to go to the store together to cash in.

Upon inspection of the ticket, the clerk excitedly exclaims, “you’ve won $1,000!”

The homeless man stands in honest disbelief. The cashier begins counting out the cash and placing it into the his hands. At this point, the homeless man is so overwhelmed, he can barely speak. But then the homeless man turns around and does something that ignited a permanent smile on my face. He graciously begins to hand back some of the cash to Rahat, explaining that he sincerely wants to share the winnings.

When Rahat turns down his altruistic offer to share, the homeless man is so overcome with emotion that he starts to cry, which immediately causes a trickle effect as Rahat can’t hold back his tears. And then, of course, I lost it too.

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