This Homeless Man Plays The Piano Like a Pro!

This Homeless Man Plays The Piano Like a Pro!

Erika Carter

It’s so easy to pigeonhole people into what they should be based on what they look like. We assume that if someone is very well dressed they are successful. We assume if someone is buying something in a very expensive store that they can afford it. And, we assume that the homeless are just throwaway people.

We assume they’re lazy and don’t work and have no discernible talent. But this video proves that those assumptions and stereotypes are just not true.

Here we see what clearly seems to be a homeless gentleman. His clothes are really just about to the rag stage. He hasn’t shaved in a good long time and probably not had a bath either. There is a piano on a lovely street sitting by itself. We see him sitting at the piano playing a song by Styx.

All of a sudden people come around. We hear one girl say how hard it is to play that song. A couple of the ladies give money to the gentleman. They say things to him, like “nice to see you”. Maybe they know each other?

This man is talented. What must have happened to him in order to get him to this point? His piano playing is mesmerizing and he draws a crowd. Everyone is so pleased to hear the beautiful music coming from down the street.

How he ended up homeless we don’t know, but it’s something that could’ve happened to any one of us. His musical talent is out of this world and is a good reminder to never judge a book by its cover.

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