Learn How To Make a Homemade Sprinkler!

Learn How To Make a Homemade Sprinkler!

Kendall Conners

We survived the long, cold dark months of winter and are finally beginning to feel the warmth of summer! Hallelujah, we made it!

No matter how old I get, I’ll never forget how magical summer was as a child. Summertime as a kid means zero responsibilities — you had no school, no job, and no adult responsibilities. All you had to worry about was whether or not the ice cream man was going to come to your street that day.

One thing I’ll never forget as a kid was how amazingly awesome it was to play in the sprinklers. When it would get really hot out and there was no pool or beach in sight, neighborhood parents would turn on the sprinklers and let kids loose. Ah, the good ole days.

If you’re thinking to yourself, ‘man, I wish I could do that again but don’t have a sprinkler’ — listen up, because I’ve got exciting news for you! In this video below YouTuber Simply Rebekah shows us how to make a sprinkler.

No need to battle the crowds at Home Depot this weekend, all you need is a two liter soda bottle, knife, duct tape and a hose. Start off by poking holes in the bottle using a knife (or corn on the cob holders if you have them), then attach your hose to the top of the bottle and duct tape it together.

Turn your hose on and voila … homemade sprinkler! Watch the video below to get the full tutorial.

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