A Group of Men Knock On The Doors of The Suburbs To See How They React

A Group of Men Knock On The Doors of The Suburbs To See How They React

Angela Markus

If you welcome caroling in your home this holiday season, I am sure it would not compare to these guys. The amazingly funny man behind Mabe in America is the best in the business at hidden camera pranks and telemarketer prank calls. He has done it again by bringing a group of men to the suburbs to carol. The problem is, they do not look unassuming, but in fact, a little scary. He got the men to look as gangster as possible, to demonstrate you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Unlike most holiday prank videos out there, this one is insanely funny. A group of black men, dressed in dark clothing, caps and chains, set out to find out if people would stereotype them on sight if they visited the “whitest neighborhood in the city.”

They got the answers they were looking for when some people shut the door right in their faces, while others didn’t answer at all. But it turns out those who didn’t answer were totally missing out because these men are incredible a capella carol singers, ready to give a faultless rendition of Little Drummer Boy and Oh come All Ye Faithful.

One blonde woman who quickly shut the door in their faces reconsidered and opened it again when she heard the singing. One young couple enjoys the music so much they invite the men in when they finish.

Thus the reason, we must never judge a book by its cover.

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