Hesitant Horse Masters a Ditch. I Dare You Not To Laugh.

Hesitant Horse Masters a Ditch. I Dare You Not To Laugh.

Angela Markus

It is better to be safe than sorry. That was probably the mindset of this horse. If you lack a little agility at times, you can probably relate to this adorable horse.

The video, which features a slightly nervous horse named Cody, has been viewed over one and a half million times since being posted on the internet by owner Amanda Braun.

In the short clip, the horse confidently approaches a novice fence while being ridden by a woman named Rose.¬†You’re¬†probably expecting the horse to glide eloquently over the ditch. Not this horse.

The horse moves backwards at first, reaches out with its leg and hits the wooden rim of the ditch with its hoof.

It then lifts its leg out in front contemplating to go or not to go over the hole. He then straightens up and finally decides what it is it has to do. The horse lifts its front two legs into the air and rather athletically, propels itself forward and over the fence in the cutest fashion. Hilarious!

The jump was a lot more elaborate that it needed to be, but he did it. He lands heavily on the other side! Good job, Cody!

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