Horse Goes In The Water For The First Time And Has The Time Of His Life!

Horse In Water

Horse Goes In The Water For The First Time And Has The Time Of His Life!

Erika Carter

Different animal species react differently to water.  Some would rather play in a lake or stream than ever run on land.  Others would lay in the sun all day, nice and dry and far away from ever being wet.  Sometimes though, all they need is a little encouragement to discover that what is scary to them at first will lead to the time of their life. 

This horse was more than a little bit apprehensive when his rider walked him up to this stream.  She repeatedly tried to coax him forward, but he really wasn’t interested.  He had been ridden to water, but he just wasn’t interested in going for a swim.

Eventually, his rider dismounted and tried a different approach.  She walked beside him and led him directly into the water.  The change in the horse was evident the moment all his feet were in. The horse immediate started stomping and splashing!

“He loves water,” the rider exclaims as the horse soaks her with his splashing play.  Alternating between his right and left hooves, this horse quickly realized that the best part of playing in the water is getting wet.

Her words of encouragement, “You’re a good boy” just seem to encourage the horse to even more play.  Even the camera operator can’t help but laugh loudly as this horse discovers just how much he does love playing in the water.  “He just doesn’t stop,” she says as the rider finally walks the horse out of the stream. 

“You’re a good boy,” the rider says one last time as they come up on shore.  This horse really is a good boy, he brought laughter and joy to his rider and the camera operator and to anyone else who watches this video.  Please, SHARE the love and pass it on!