Students With Aspergers Develop Social Skills Interacting With Horses

Students With Aspergers Develop Social Skills Interacting With Horses

Angela Markus

Animal therapy has been a great support for many people who suffer from autism as a way of coping with anxiety. For these students with Aspergers, they’ve steered away from the typical dog therapy and turned to horses for not only aid, but life-long friendship. Horse Therapy helps students develop social skills in a non-verbal communication in a safe and rewarding environment.

“One of the reasons why the Horse Program is so beneficial for our students with Aspergers is because in many ways there’s a lot of similarities between the horses and the students, ” Dr. Temple Grandin, one of the leading experts on autism points out.

Like the students who spend their every day on the farm, these horses have anxiety when interacting with other people. “[The horses] are very guarded in their social interactions. They are very unsure. they’re anxious interacting with just about anyone,” she adds.

Since both of these groups primarily think visually, they both focus on body language, eliminating the sometime, confusing world of socially-related language skills.

When you see the relationship these two very similar groups have developed it’ll surely warm your heart.

For more information about equine therapy for children with autism, visit Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation.

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