Watch As This Tray Of Cookie Dough Bakes In the Arizona Heat — Hot Tamales!

Watch As This Tray Of Cookie Dough Bakes In the Arizona Heat — Hot Tamales!

Erika Carter

Phoenix, Arizona is known for its temperate summers. With an average summer temperature of 104 degrees, and temperatures currently reaching near historic highs, the heat in Phoenix is nothing to joke about. Apparently it is useful for baking though.

Phoenix, Arizona is currently under an excessive heat warning with temperatures hovering around 115 degrees. It makes perfect sense then that a local news station decided to see if they could actually bake cookies inside of a car. 12 News prepared the cookie dough, placed it on a cookie sheet, and then set it on the dashboard of a car. They used time-lapse video to record the baking process in action.

In the incredible heat it didn’t take long for the cookies to spread and begin to bake. Yes, it was that hot inside the car.

The cookies were allowed to bake for nearly five hours while 12 News recorded the time-lapse video. At the end of the video, the cookies were baked to near perfection.

One person commenting on the video posted a picture of a temperature reading of the seat of his Harley motorcycle, showing an impressive 203.9 degrees. He could fry an egg on that thing!


Other comments showed other items that people have attempted to bake in their vehicles. One picture showed a woman attempting to bake a pan of brownies.


Another showed someone baking a frozen pizza on the dashboard.


This video is very impressive, but remember, if it’s hot enough to bake cookies, or a pizza, or brownies in your car, then it definitely isn’t safe to leave your children or your pets in that vehicle unattended. Please remember to check your car every time you exit or use a reminder when you carry children or pets with you in your vehicle.

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