Kid Takes One Bite Into His Hot Dog And Oops! Things Don’t Go As Planned…

Kid Takes One Bite Into His Hot Dog And Oops! Things Don’t Go As Planned…

Angela Markus

Don’t we love baseball games? They come around every spring time and offer us a chance to see our favorite athletes battle all season long. Then there are the crazy fans cheering on their favorite teams, the popcorn, drinks, the Jumbotron, home runs, and the hot dogs. A game would be less than perfect without these vital necessities for fans of all ages and sizes.

Your day is about to get a little brighter with this video of the most adorable baseball fan ever. At a recent Angles game, one little tike had one goal and one goal only: to devour his hot dog.

The commentators take a break from giving the play by play highlights to enjoy this little Angels fan figure out the best way to enjoy his hotdog.

The tasty wiener topped with ketchup and mustard is about to be devoured, but it is just not that easy.  This baseball fan goes in for the first bite, and it seems too much to be handled at once. The bread is too cumbersome when coupled with the ballpark dog.

Oops, the dog falls right out! He quickly grabs it up with one hand and puts it in his mouth. Eureka! The commenters are happily enjoying the little boy and his path to discovery.

Finally, he figures it out. The little champ has found a way to eat the hotdog. He holds it in his hand and goes in for the kill. Whatever mess is made, I’m sure Mom will surely make it better. How sweet!

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