This A Capella Cover Of “Hotel California” Gave Me Chills!

This A Capella Cover Of “Hotel California” Gave Me Chills!

Angela Markus

All music lovers have that one classic song that they can sing every single lyric of by heart, complete with guitar solos and drum fills — and they probably perform it, bravely, after a couple of drinks at a party, or at karaoke night. For some, it’s “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips; for others, it’s “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. For me, it’s “Hotel California” by The Eagles. But after seeing this a capella, I know I could never do this song justice.

A capella music may have been under-appreciated for quite some time, but that was before the rise of the hit group Pentatonix. There’s something wonderful about listening to the human voice exclusively. Just because the only instrument is the human voice doesn’t mean the music has to be simple.

Take this amazing vocal arrangement by Cubanos Acapella as they pay tribute to the Eagles’ classic “Hotel California”. Although you might be thinking that you hear drums and an electric guitar, you do not. These men are only using their natural talent—their voices. The “guitar solo” at 4:18 will really blow you away!

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