No One Has Lived In This House Since The 50s. The Inside Is Something Out Of A Dream!

No One Has Lived In This House Since The 50s. The Inside Is Something Out Of A Dream!

Sophia Gioiello

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Retro lovers will swoon over this vintage kitchen! It’s covered in bubblegum pink and fully furnished with rare General Electric appliances. This perfectly decorated kitchen looks like a scene from a movie set in the 1950s, but it’s real!

Imagine the ultimate 1950s housewife preparing breakfast, packing lunches and doing the dishes for the entire family in this classic kitchen!


A furniture designer named Nathan Chandler purchased this charming home that hasn’t been lived in for over 50 years. It’s amazing that it has remained in such beautiful condition!


The sparkling silver complements the light pink throughout this radiant kitchen. This beauty even has a side-by-side fridge!


The original owner held onto everything, including the instructions for these classic General Electric appliances. The condition of this incredible kitchen makes it look like they designed it yesterday!




Each carefully planned detail throughout this kitchen remains exactly the same. Look at that oven! You can almost hear Mom saying, “Honey, dinner’s ready!”


And this stove! It may be a little too much candy pink for your taste, but you can’t deny how adorable it is!


There’s nothing like taking a stroll down memory lane!

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