Students Say The Way This Teacher Biology Is Beyond Memorable

Students Say The Way This Teacher Biology Is Beyond Memorable

Jamaica Bravo

With Halloween around the corner, this biology teacher came up a with a brilliant innovative way to give her anatomy lecture – with costumes!

Debby Heerkens, who works at Groene Hart Rihnwoude school in the Netherlands always finds that her students zone out when she teaches anatomy from their textbook. So this year she thought she’d try something very very different.

It all started when she caught sight of a girl walking down the street in spandex leggings designed to look like human muscles. The pants were so realistic that they gave Heerkens a brilliant idea.

After first checking with the school’s director, Heerkens went online and bought her human-body-themed tanks and yoga pants.  Then she walked into class wearing several of outfits layered on top of each other.



She began with the top layer: the muscular system. Using her own body as a 3D “model” of the human muscular system, the teacher had the kids point out the different muscles on her shirt and pants while they reviewed the muscles and their functions. Then, she peeled off her top layer of clothes, to reveal another set displaying a realistic image of the human organ system. And last, she ended with a skeleton suit and walked the kids through memorizing each of the bones.



Her class has described this as the most memorable lesson they have ever had. What do you think about this method of teaching? 

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