Here’s How To Carve a Turkey The Right Way!

Here’s How To Carve a Turkey The Right Way!

Angela Markus

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and as you prepare for the feast, there is one technique that is often overlooked. After you see this tutorial, you will probably come to the conclusion that you may have been carving your turkey all wrong. If you are like me, you’ve likely witnessed the classic dive right in technique. That’s where a relative will just start slicing and dicing, creating chunks and half slices of turkey that ends up looking like your tireless hours in the kitchen went in vain. Here is another way to go about it.

Mark Dommen of Chow share some essential tips on what not to do on turkey day. First, he warns not to use a dull knife. When the knife is dull, it may shred the turkey. Ensure the cutting tool is sharp. He also offers a tip I never thought of. He talks about the best place to carve the turkey.

In my household, tradition would have it that the turkey is carved on the table, but Dommen says there is not enough room there. He talks about when roasting a turkey, do not put the stuffing inside and have a plan of action as to how to slice the bird.

Next, he shows the carving method that works best for him. He starts with the legs, then removes the breast whole and slices against the grain. He then removes all of the meat from the turkey before storing and saving the carcass for stock.

Excellent advice!

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