How To Decorate Galaxy Cookies With Royal Icing!

How To Decorate Galaxy Cookies With Royal Icing!

Angela Markus

Ooey gooey, soft and chewy, who doesn’t love cookies? Now that school is back in, cookies are one of the best snacks to make for school fundraisers or church bake sales. This out-of-this-world Galaxy Cookies decoration tutorial will mesmerize the kids and keep them coming back for more.

You will need freshly baked cookies, 3″ and 1-1/2″ round cookie cutters, flood consistency royal icing, 12″ decorating bags, decorating tip 2, tapered spatula, and a scribe tool.

Bake the cookies of your choice and follow along for these phenomenal designs. Using black flood consistency royal icing and decorating tip 2, icing the edge of the cookie. Go around the cookie three times for a thick ring. Then fill in the circle by using blue, purple and pink royal icing. Next, make an oval circle in the center of the cookie. After, blend the colors using a tapered spatula by using the tip to make circular motions where the colors meet. Using a scribe tool or toothpick, make swirls of the icing. You then want to pipe white dots over the design and allow the icing to dry completely.

For another design, make a crescent with the black royal icing, and then make a thicker crescent with the blue icing. Use the pink icing to make a smaller crescent, followed by the white icing. Use the tapered knife much like the above design to blend in the colors. Then cover with white dots.

Much like the others, for this design, start with the black icing, make a crescent on one end and fill it on, and a smaller crescent on the other end and fill it in. Do the same with a blue, purple, pink and white icing. Use the spatula to blend the colors and take the scribing tool to edge of the cookie. Complete with white dots.

For the next design, you will need to make concentric circles with black, blue, purple, pink and white icing. Blend using the spatula and pipe a white circle in the center. With the scribing tool, drag the icing to the points and add small white dots over the design. Allow the designs to dry completely before devouring.

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