He Dumps An Egg In A Cup Of Rice. The Reason? WOAH!

He Dumps An Egg In A Cup Of Rice. The Reason? WOAH!

Ashley Rego

Looking for a fun and easy way to decorate Easter eggs this year, but don’t want to go the typical dip-dye route? Try THIS idea from SurpriseFunTV!

The results are simple, yet absolutely beautiful! The best part about this method is that my kids will be able to help out too.

To follow along with this tutorial, all you’ll need is some white rice, food coloring in the colors of your choice, and disposable containers with lids. You can also use washable containers if you don’t mind a few food coloring stains!

Then, it’s really as simple as 1,2,3! Pour the rice and coloring into the container and shake it up to distribute the coloring. Then, place the egg inside that same container, pop on the top, and yet again – shake it all up!

The finished product leaves such a cool texture – to me, it almost looks fuzzy! 

I think my kids are going to LOVE these, what about you?! Spread the idea along and SHARE this Easter egg technique on Facebook!