How to Make Oreo S’mores, AKA The S’moreo!

How to Make Oreo S’mores, AKA The S’moreo!

Angela Markus

Everyone has a favorite summer camping trip snack and for most people it’s s’mores. That delicious, gooey marshmallow melted to perfection in between two graham crackers and topped with some Hershey’s chocolate is sure to have your mouth watering! With this video, you will find ways to give that classic bonfire snack a new twist. Let’s find out how to make classic s’mores into S’moreos!

First you will need to get a tray or basket that you will be able to put all of your ingredients into. You can also save time by having marshmallows already placed onto the roasting sticks or skewers so you can grab and go. Also, make sure that you grab enough marshmallows. These s’moreos will be so popular that everyone is going to be wanting more. Don’t let them down by running out of marshmallows prematurely.

The next thing you will need is Oreos. Grab a pack or two of your preferred Oreo flavor (feel free to grab multiple flavors if you’d like to mix and match). Of course, you can’t make s’mores without the chocolate. You don’t have to use plain chocolate or Hershey’s bars either; feel free to try unique flavors like cookies and cream, Butterfinger, Reese’s cups or whatever your preferred flavors may be. You can also add some tasty toppings to your s’moreos to add that extra sweetness. Some topping ideas could be cookie butter, Nutella, sprinkles, caramel. The options are endless!

Once you have all of your ingredients together, you need to roast your marshmallows. Make sure you roast the marshmallows the way that you like them. Don’t worry if it catches on fire, just enjoy the yummy goodness. Once you have your marshmallow roasted, put your marshmallow on top of the Oreo cream filling, choose which chocolate you want to use and add that, add in any toppings and then place the other Oreo on top. Don’t forget to enjoy it while it’s still gooey and warm! You can bring along disposable silverware in order to clean everything up easily.

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