How to Make Spooky Halloween Eyes

How to Make Spooky Halloween Eyes

Jamaica Bravo

Do your kids nag you about finding new ways to decorate your house for Halloween each year? Do you find yourself spending way too much money on expensive holiday decorations to compete with your neighbors only to find that they have outdone you yet again? If so, we have the perfect solution for you: glow in the dark spooky eyes that are as quick and easy to make, as they are scary to look at!

Making these frightening decorations is extremely fun and as inexpensive as can be! All you need to create these simple DIY lights are some markers, old cardboard toilet paper/paper towel rolls, scissors, some black electrical tape, and a pack of glow sticks. You probably have most of these objects at home in your craft bin or garage, but if not, all can be purchased at your local Dollar Store, Michael’s or Walmart to save on cash!

Begin by letting your kids draw some unnaturally-shaped creepy-looking “eyes” on the cardboard rolls

Then, cut out the “eyes” so that the holes will look like empty eye sockets.

Next, have your children color (or paint, if you prefer) the cardboard solid black

Wait ‘til evening so it’s dark, then crack the glow sticks and slide them inside the cardboard rolls

Cover the sides of the rolls with black electrical tape so no light escapes and the glow sticks won’t fall out

Lastly, place the scary lights in a dark room and let them frighten all your guests!

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