Howie Mandell Gets Hypnotized On America’s Got Talent!

Howie Mandell Gets Hypnotized On America’s Got Talent!

Patrick Dangermond

There’s a wide variety of people that perform on America’s Got Talent. The most common people you see are singers and dancers. My favorites, however, are the oddball talents. The people who bring something unique to the table. This guy definitely did that.

Chris Jones is from the South Side of Chicago and he’s a hypnotist. He normally does high school and elementary school shows, but now he’s ready for the big time.

Before he started, he gave fair warning to the crowd that they could be hypnotized during his performance. Some people actually got up and left! When Chris came on stage, he encouraged Howie Mandell to get up on stage with him. Howie has been diagnosed with Mysophobia, the fear of germs, so he quickly mentions that he doesn’t like to shake hands.  This simple fact gives Chris all the information he needed to know.

Chris puts Howie under, and then something amazing happens. Howie was hypnotized into actually shaking hands with Chris! That’s not even the best part, so keep watching to find out!

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