Google Street View Rats Out Man Who Told His Wife He Stopped Smoking

Google Street View Rats Out Man Who Told His Wife He Stopped Smoking

Angela Markus

Have you ever seen the Google street car drive by? It is an ordinary car painted with the Google logo and a camera connected to the top. While you’re going about your daily life, they’re capturing everything on camera for Google street views, Google maps and Google Earth technology. For this one couple, the Google street car did some major snitching.

While driving through a town in England, the Google car drove down a particular block one day, and captured some incriminating evidence that left one wife angry.

After suffering a heart attack, English taxi driver, Danny Ryding, told his wife that he would quit two bad habits. He was going to stop smoking and eating things he was not supposed to.

Danny was successful in keeping his damaging secrets from his wife. That was until the Google Street car showed up. Danny’s unraveling began when he was in front of his home one day smoking a cigarette. His wife was not home at that time. While minding his own business, he saw the Google street car pass by.



He later shared the news of his sighting with his wife, not thinking that would be his undoing. After Danny’s wife found evidence of Hobnob biscuits in the car, Danny was busted! Needless to say, he was banned from the treat after his unfortunate heart attack.

Julie decided to investigate some more and went online to search for the photo of her home captured by the Google Street car. What Julie Ryding found was evidence of Danny’s failure to tell the truth. Danny was caught red-handed.

The wife joked that Google did not need to blur Danny’s face because the smoke from the cigarettes did a better job. Good one!

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